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Doll aka mummadude aka fibermum

Age: 47

Location: Stittsville, Ontario

Busy: Musician, Fiber Artist

News: Winter in the Ottawa Valley and finally snow! Skating on the canal is next?! This is a link I found earlier. Take a look!

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Sunday, February 04, 2007
Moving Day

   After many unsuccessful edits on blogdrive I decided to make a change and move my blog to here

   Come and join me on this new and exciting journey!

Posted at 2:27 pm by mummadude
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Saturday, February 03, 2007
For today:

New good habits
Breaking the old habits
Living a quiet, simple life
While the world rushes around you

New good habits
Waiting for us to grab hold
Wait quietly for the peace that follows

(my thoughts this morning...somewhat more poetic than is my usual)
(you may share this if you like but please give credit where it is due...that would be me lol)

Saturday, January 13, 2007
Of Socks, yarn and stupid banks...

Not going to write too much about this as I'm mostly speechless and since I have no idea how many actually read my blog....well

Please go to
Yarn Harlot and read up on the stupidity of banks and the wonders of sock knitters.

I'm pretty much speechless......

til again....

Tuesday, January 09, 2007
New plans?

From this link " Wendy " I've been able to resolve, ha ha, to knit from my stash along with these well meaning folks!

Not sure if I should include my fiber purchases with this or not...on second thought.....not!  Although I do plan on spinning up much of my stash so at least I know what I have.  Good idea! Right??

Once I figure out my new digit camera and the link on this pc I'll post some current pics.

Just finishing:  toddler socks from the current sock KAL pattern found on Six Sox Knitalong. 

Just beginning a pair of socks in a KAL from this great group 2 Socks ala Magic Loop.  This has become quite the learning process for me.  Again a picture will be forth coming.  Getting twisted and tangled seemed to be the words of the day until earlier today I purchased a longer circular needle.  Great idea!

And finally...working on the body of a vest for CIC in a bulky yarn.  I really had wanted to work on the "big Kid's sweater" but I don't have enough in my stash to do the project and not sure I have enough of any one kind of fiber to spin up bulky.

You spinners out there probably remember when first learning how chunky your spinning was?  And now, of course, it's too fine and I just can't seem to get a consistent yarn trying for something heavier.  I know...more practice!

I have the heel and foot to finish in my "Northern Light's Sock"  which has been on the needles for a couple of years.  I gave the finished sock to a DF and told her I would finish the second for her after Christmas.  Doe anyone else do that?

I have 1 sock completed for my DH and am putting off starting the second.  In an effort to be very practical I knit the sock in a very tight gauge to be sure they wouldn't wear out too soon and now I shudder at the thoughts of starting another.  I'll get over that thought and one day will pick it up again!

Enough of all that fun, right? lol

More plans:  just choosing music for the choir for Easter...I love doing that.

                    continue on my weight management goals

                    enjoy my "down" time with NO GUILT!

                    more time in prayer and meditation

Healing is ongoing and going along very well.

Life is good!  Remember that we truly are "blessed to be a blessing"

Til again,


Friday, December 08, 2006
Call it....procrastination...

I really don't know what it is...but here it is again.  I've known since what....October...that I wanted to do the print work for our program for Sunday's presentation but here I sit just after midnight on Friday and my accomplishment so far.....the front and back cover.  Oh my.....

So as I enjoy a sweet glass of sherry and decide that perhaps sleep is the best idea right now, considering that I need to be at rehearsal at 9 tomorrow morning and that I have the entire afternnon and evening to finish this up...hmmmmmm

My bed is calling pillow, warm and fluffy.  What would you do?

Most likely you wouldn't be sitting here blogging.  Right?

Enough already!

I have 1 and 1/2 socks done is a pretty pale pink

I have 1 and 1/2 socks done...(my northern lights from the sock of the month 2 years ago lol)

I have 1/4 of a cabled scarf waiting to be picked up and finished

I have many objects in my head that I'd like to complete

All this before the holidays begin.  I know, a girl can dream though.

So off to bed I go.  Perhaps a quick look out the window to see the lights that might actually make it down to the Ottawa Valley; shiver a bit in the cold then crawl under the nice warm blankets.

Next blog?  I hope to share just how wonderful the choir was on Sunday; how great the pot luck at my apartment; and perhaps a couple of completed socks.

Til again


Thursday, October 26, 2006
Ending October

This is a copy of what I posted on my Sparkpeople mummadude page.  ...  Check out Sparkpeople to learn more.  I found the site to be filled with information and tools to help me on my journey.

"With month end coming up quickly I'm taking a few moments to look over my accomplishments and my stuggles.

My goal was to lose 5 lbs...I lost 6! Bonus for me!!

My goal was to stay within my 1200-1500 cal. range: I've done this for over 1/2 of the days!

My goal was to drink 8 glasses of water...Didn't happen this month. I'll take another look at the many ways I can get back to this.

My cardio and strength training are ongoing and pretty much daily!

Focus, focus, focus!!! As long as my goals are clear and in the forefront, I can manage. Fatigue pulls me off track from time to time. That, I can easily fix with a nap and better sleep at night.

Going into November I hope to further refine what I'm doing with my health and fitness. All are in the process of becoming great habits!

I challenge anyone to take a few moments and look at their accomplishments in October; make some decisions about the direction they wish to take in November and give yourself a great pat on the back to keeping on keeping on!!!

Blessings! "


Still fibering along.  Working on my northern lights socks...finished the first, cast on the second!  Spinning some baby alpaca to make another scarf for Christmas gifts...almost done...on the second bobbin!


Hope everyone's fall time has been productive and fun.

Thursday, October 19, 2006
Huggles and more!

It seems that my time has been spent any where other than here.  I've been lazy about sitting down and actually writing so now with coffee in hand and a little bit of the creative spark I will write a wee bit.

We're quite settled in our new place and absolutely love it.  I do, however, miss Alaska and my dear friends there.  Each time I think about phoning someone to just say hi I realize the 4 hour time difference and get stuck back to just thinking about it.

My knitting is slow but coming along.  I've picked up the "Northern Light's" sock that was started at least 2 years ago and am determined to finish them before the second sock syndrom sets in.  Also on the needles is another pair of "knitted bannister" socks for Nick in a really pretty burgundy handspun.  The roving was some I purchased from Upper Canada Village this summer.  It's a little coarse for me but will wear like iron on him.  I'll have lots to knit another pair or perhaps mitts.  Who knows. lol


The mystery shawl that was started in June is still sitting at week #2.  One of my problems with it is more one of poor eyesight.  It's just impossible for me to work on lace knitting and watch tv at the same time.  The glasses go on, come off, go on...well you know what I mean, right?


I've been spinning some.  Currently finishing up some baby alpaca which I absolutely love.  I've completed one scarf and will make 1 more for a Christmas gift for a friend who absolutely loves soft and mushy things.  Picture to follow...

I'm curious as to how many of us kniters are working on gifts for others (and ourselves) this year??  Perhaps your knitting is for your local charity or CIC??  Which ever it is the gift of time and love spent creating that special project will certainly bless the receiver!


Blessings and more...





Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I decided today that it was time for me to get back to my blog.  The move went smoothly.  The 11 day trip...amazing.  I'm sure my legs are glad to be out of the truck though.  Wouldn't yours??? lol

I'll post some pics this week.


We're settled into our new space and are loving it!  What a joy to have running water and a shower.  To make life even more special our land lady has an inground pool that she insist we use or night!  Ok, so twist my arm.  I absolutely love the water so this is a real treat.

My change of location has also brought some other physical changes.  Both Nick and I are working on our nutrition and physical activity at Sparkpeople.  It's been a great motivator and tool to help us kick our bottoms into gear.


Fibery:  I purchased 5lbs of raw fiber...wool but unknown, that I've been washing, carding and spinning.  It's very soft but also more neppy than I'm used to so not sure what will become of it.  You know, sometimes the fiber just calls out to you.."socks"  or " shawl" etc but this .... let's just say it's speaking in whispers. lol


For now at least I'm content to work on a lacy pair of creamy coloured socks and the Mystery Stole (that I'm still stuck in week 2 on)  (grammar is not a strong suit with me lol) to find something yummy, yet nutritional to snack on...


blessings to all!



Saturday, May 13, 2006
It's Time

Ok........for all the times we've all lost our blogs to the space/time thingy......I wrote a beautiful post this week that just dissipated into nothing!

So not to be out done by this unknown gremlin I'll try once more.  We hit the road on Monday heading east. Interestingly enough if you live in the Toronto area east means the Maritimes or NY City but when you are in Alaska or even western Canada...everything from there is east!  So for me, east is Stittsville (Ottawa area).  That's 10 or 11 days driving east.  Eastern HO!  Just doesn't have the same ring to it eh?

The new tenant moving into this cabin visited us this week and indicated which pieces of furniture we can leave. This is great b/c just how many trips do we wish to take to the exchange platforms and transfer stations.  She'll enjoy the book shelves, desk and breadmachine.

Spring or rather summer is basically here.  There is no more total darkness now.  There is always some hint of light on the horizon.  The migrating birds have all come and gone on to their nesting areas.  The robins sing daily along with many song birds.

What I'll miss here:  great people, summer daylight, no skunks, beautiful landscapes, magestic snow capped mountains

What I won't miss:  -40F or C in February, summer forest fire smoke, high cost of veggies, too many mosquitos...( but hey, that's not an Alaska I guess I'll have bugs where ever we go)

Off to pack more and finish up my current spinning project.  I have some suffolk cross/mohair blend that I've dyed with wilton's violet (my fav) that I'm nav. plying for socks that I'll knit while travelling. I have just one more batt to spin.

Next entry?  on the road or back in Ontario....

til later

hugs and peace



Friday, April 28, 2006
Happy Friday!

I just created a progress bar for the lap rug I'm working on for Nick.  My mathematical skills came into play as I tried to figure out how many more squares I needed to knit to complete it.  I came up with 50 more! (and that's only if I finish it at that size)  The pattern is found in the Spring Issue of Spin Off.  I've frogged it a few times because my colour pattern got messed up.  It's the kind of item that you can't just take out part of it but have to take out as many squares backward to where you need to make the correction.  I think frogging a number of rows back on a sock isn't quite so bad now. lol

In this picture you can see the start of the project, a 1 yd noddy, toy wheel spindle and the shetland that I've been working with.  The burgundy squares (the colour isn't true on my screen) is some grey suffolk cross that I dyed with black cherry kool aid and the grey is a coopworth.

Spring has certainly arrived in Fairbanks.  The geese, tundra swans and sandhill cranes have all returned...or at least visiting for a spell on their way to their nexting areas.  I thought I saw a robin yesterday but the way the light was.....well let's just say that since I wasn't sure I won't say it was.

I spent some time today washing some mohair that I purchased 2 years ago.  Have you ever had the pleasure of working with "fresh" goat hair???  Oh my........And so much New Mexico dirt as well as some sorts of burrs etc. etc. etc.  Once clean it's a soft, silky white and so beautiful!

Coffee is calling my I'll scoot for now..........hugs



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